It has been noted that young boys and girls go on increasing their academic qualifications without proper directions and any thought over what might be done with it. In a world like ours, with it’s growing population, doing something that extreme can border on to a mistake. For example, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have competed a massage course in Australia, but cannot get work in the industry.

And the colossal competition out in the real world does not help. For instance- When ten people try out for a job meant for five, well, the other half that do not make it move on to other offers which may not be worth their oh-so prestigious degree.

This same thing is taking place with only numbers succeeded by some few thousands and lakhs. The bad news is that most of these people do not get a proper means of livelihood which is compatible with their level of education, creating a problem of educated-unemployed. As a result, some drift into unsocial activities while others commit suicide or go into depression due to the humility of it all.

That marks a major half of our young generation at peril.This rising problem can only be resolved by spreading awareness about such situations, cranking the employment opportunities up a notch and organing self-help camps to facilitate the ones in need. Only after taking proper measures, with mixed efforts of our own can eradicate this evil from our society.

The Ayurveda Massage – a calming and traditional relief from the toxic stress

Contemporary way of living is the main cause of the stress – the biggest contributor to developing diseases such as diabetes or cancer. There are numerous ways to reduce the stress and improve your overall health condition but Indian Ayurveda massage is recommended everywhere, especially as there is an Ayurveda self-massage method which you can apply on yourself.

Learning this massage method in India has more benefits than learning it somewhere else, because in India you are at the very spot where this 3000-years old massage was born. The best Ayurveda teachers teach in India and they are more competent to introduce you to the Ayurveda massage techniques, tradition and medicine context than anyone else.

Learning the principles of the holistic Ayurvedic healing system is also important for mastering the Ayurveda massage and India has that deep tradition of “whole-body” medicine systems which reveal the subtle connection between mind, body and spirit.

Conducted in gentle oily strokes and designed according to everyone’s body construction and health needs specifically, this massage is one the best soothing methods there is and by mastering it in India you will become a sort of a healer and a philosopher who understands how body and mind work in cooperation with the Universe and everything in it. You will be able to help not only yourself but others as well, by bringing them something we all need the most nowadays – a calming and traditional relief from the toxic stress.


The massage industry is growing at a rapid rate and the competition is getting fiercer and more demanding than ever before, which means that those of us who have been working in the business for many years, are having to find new and exciting ways of drawing people in, in order to keep the business ticking over.

That is exactly what we have done, coming up with some very interesting and exciting ways of giving you that perfect massage, which will leave you wanting to keep coming back again and again. There is more to a massage than you might realise, so give us a go and we are sure you will not be disappointed.