The Ayurveda Massage – a calming and traditional relief from the toxic stress

Contemporary way of living is the main cause of the stress – the biggest contributor to developing diseases such as diabetes or cancer. There are numerous ways to reduce the stress and improve your overall health condition but Indian Ayurveda massage is recommended everywhere, especially as there is an Ayurveda self-massage method which you can apply on yourself.

Learning this massage method in India has more benefits than learning it somewhere else, because in India you are at the very spot where this 3000-years old massage was born. The best Ayurveda teachers teach in India and they are more competent to introduce you to the Ayurveda massage techniques, tradition and medicine context than anyone else.

Learning the principles of the holistic Ayurvedic healing system is also important for mastering the Ayurveda massage and India has that deep tradition of “whole-body” medicine systems which reveal the subtle connection between mind, body and spirit.

Conducted in gentle oily strokes and designed according to everyone’s body construction and health needs specifically, this massage is one the best soothing methods there is and by mastering it in India you will become a sort of a healer and a philosopher who understands how body and mind work in cooperation with the Universe and everything in it. You will be able to help not only yourself but others as well, by bringing them something we all need the most nowadays – a calming and traditional relief from the toxic stress.