It has been noted that young boys and girls go on increasing their academic qualifications without proper directions and any thought over what might be done with it. In a world like ours, with it’s growing population, doing something that extreme can border on to a mistake. For example, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have competed a massage course in Australia, but cannot get work in the industry.

And the colossal competition out in the real world does not help. For instance- When ten people try out for a job meant for five, well, the other half that do not make it move on to other offers which may not be worth their oh-so prestigious degree.

This same thing is taking place with only numbers succeeded by some few thousands and lakhs. The bad news is that most of these people do not get a proper means of livelihood which is compatible with their level of education, creating a problem of educated-unemployed. As a result, some drift into unsocial activities while others commit suicide or go into depression due to the humility of it all.

That marks a major half of our young generation at peril.This rising problem can only be resolved by spreading awareness about such situations, cranking the employment opportunities up a notch and organing self-help camps to facilitate the ones in need. Only after taking proper measures, with mixed efforts of our own can eradicate this evil from our society.

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